Privacy Policy
HAMSTER Corporation
President Satoshi Hamada

1. Our Stance on Privacy

 In order to ensure smooth business operations, HAMSTER Corporation (referred to henceforth as HAMSTER) collects and makes use of the name, address, phone number, sex, age, occupation, email address and other information of its customers. Hamster is aware that it has a considerable obligation in regards to handling the customer's private information (referred to henceforth as private information) with appropriate protection, and does so based upon the following policy.

(1) Private information will be handled appropriately, in accordance with the applicable "Act on the Protection of Personal Information" as well as other applicable Acts and Ordinances, while also handling private information properly in accordance with the general customs. In addition HAMSTER shall endeavor to improve the suitability and management.
(2) Regulations relating to the management of private information will be made clear, and disseminated to employees. Additionally, business partners who wish to use this private information shall be requested to manage it in an appropriate manner.
(3) The purpose for the collection of private information will be sent as a notification and/or publicly announced at the time of collection, and the collection and use of this information will be done so in accordance with this purpose.
(4) Necessary measures will be taken and appropriate management will be performed to prevent the leak, loss, manipulation, etc. of private information.
(5) Customers requests for the disclosure, correction, deletion, and suspension of use of their private information will be taken at an appointed office, and will be handled in good faith.

 Specifically, private information will be collected and used in accordance with the following.

2. Purpose of Use, etc.

 HAMSTER collects private information necessary in doing business, but it uses this information for the following purposes.
 Additionally, HAMSTER may provide private information for work duties within the necessary scope in order to advance business facilitation, but in such situations, appropriate supervision will be performed by HAMSTER, and contracts between HAMSTER and the companies entrusted with the information will be made.


(1) For use as reference for future product designs.
(2) For use in statistical tabulation and analysis, and for the creation of statistical and sales data to be produced in a form so that the owner of the data cannot be identified or specified.
(3) In order to send sales products, prize items, etc to the customer.
(4) In order to respond to customer requests.
(5) For advertisements, PR, and sales campaigns (There are situations in which information about new products, services, and campaigns will be sent by email, postal mail, etc)
(6) For contributions to the official site and the administration of application plans.
(7) For the implementation of other duties that accompany those listed above.

 Furthermore, please understand beforehand that when private information is collected, the various purposes of the information will be clarified, and the customers will be notified. If the customer has already provided consent, the information will be fit for use for those purposes and the purposes outlined above.

3. Disclosure and Provision to 3rd Parties

 HAMSTER does not provide private information to any third parties other than those times listed in "2. Purpose of Use, etc.", any of the cases listed below, and those listed in "4. Joint Use"

(1) With the consent of the customer
(2) With cases in which disclosure is provided as part of statistical data, from which the owner cannot be identified.
(3) In cases when information is disclosed or provided in accordance with laws and ordinances.
(4) In cases in which it is necessary for the protection of human life, body, or property, and the acquisition of the customer's consent is difficult.
(5) When it is necessary to cooperate with the public work of national or local public entities, and obtaining the customer's consent might affect accomplishment of the work concerned.

4. Joint Use

 The information sent in the form of questionnaires and user registration (address, name, sex, date of birth, age, email address, school grade/occupation, etc) may be used in cooperation with a joint use company which is stated clearly at the time of the acquisition. The purposes of the joint use company are the same as those outlined in "2. Purpose of Use, etc." The party responsible for the management of this information will be HAMSTER.

5. Disclosure

 HAMSTER will, in a reasonable frame of time and scope, report the purposes of use of private information to the customer at their request after having confirmed that they are in fact the person whose information they are requesting.

6. Editing, Deletion, etc.

 Regarding the personal data HAMSTER possesses, if a customer requests to edit, add to, or erase their private data, HAMSTER shall, after confirming that they are in fact the person whose information is at question, and if the information differs from reality, will, within a reasonable frame of time and scope, permit the correction, addition, or deletion.

7. Suspension of Use/ Removal

 When a customer requests a suspension of use of their private information, HAMSTER, after confirming that the person making the request is the customer in question, in accordance with Article 27 Item 1 of "Act on the Protection of Personal Information "will, within a reasonable frame of time and scope, permit the suspension of use or the removal of private information.
 We ask that you understand that when part of or all of this information is removed, we may no longer be able to offer the same services (However, there may be cases, based on related laws or ordinances, in which we may be unable to answer requests for suspension of use or removal).

8. Methods of Disclosure / Contact Point

 HAMSTER accepts inquiries and complaints about requests in 5.6.7 above, and about private information via our email point of contact. However, please understand that there are cases in which we cannot provide an answer to requests.

HAMSTER Corporation User Support Division

9. Revisions

We may revise this privacy policy and publication matter based on the Personal Information Protection Law as needed. When it is revised, it will be placed on our homepage.