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A note about updates
Thank you very much for enjoying the "Arcade Archives" series.

If you apply this update, several new features will be added, and also variety bugs will be fixed.

In "Arcade Archives", in order to be reflect opinions of users in games, we will be conducted an update in the future. And we will strive to create more better "Arcade Archives" series.
Please make sure to check the following notes in regard to updates.

*"Interruption save data" which you retain, will be deleted. Because it is incompatible.
*This update data will be downloaded automatically, and will be installed in the PlayStation®4.
*In order to "on-line registration of the score" and "to browse the online ranking", you need to be to the latest version by applying this update.

We apologize for the inconvenience to customers, but thank you for your understanding.
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