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Arcade Archives Title List ACA NEOGEO Title List In chronological order Game Specifications
Game Specifications
Common specifications of Arcade Archives series
■Display Settings
The following settings are available.
・A display of a frame on the game screen
・A display position of the game screen to move the game screen in a vertical direction or horizontal direction
・a change the size of the game screen, and the scale
・Switching the direction of the game screen in 90-degree increments

■Supported the online score ranking leaderboard.
Capable of registering your high score in the online score ranking leaderboard.
Let's compete with other players in the world.

■Game Settings
Capable of changing the settings of the DIP switch, which is equipped to the arcade cabinet. ※ 1
You can enjoy playing games in the setting of your choice, by increasing number of own-characters or fighters and increasing the degree of difficulty. ※ 2
※ 1: Except for some functions
※ 2: There are differences in the contents that can be set by the game.

■Button Settings
You can set buttons assignment in the style of preference. ※ 1
Let's find out your play style , by changing to your suitable button placement from the initial button placement.
※ 1: Except for some buttons
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