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©1986 KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD. All rights reserved.
Release Date 13/09/2018
Price $7.99
Genre Action
Player 1-2
Brand Name Tecmo
Age 1986
"RYGAR" is a video game created by Tecmo in 1986 and originally released for arcades in Japan as 'Warrior of Argus'. It is a scrolling platform game where the player assumes the role as the "Legendary Warrior".
The main feature of gameplay is using a weapon called the 'Diskarmor'.

The "Arcade Archives" series has faithfully reproduced many classic Arcade masterpieces.
Players can change various game settings such as game difficulty,
and also reproduce the atmosphere of arcade display settings at that time.
Players can also compete against each other from all over the world with their high scores.
Please enjoy the masterpiece that built a generation for video games.
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